Battle for Domination in the BackCountry

In the past six years there has been a radical shift in attention to sleds suited for backcountry technical riding. It's practically created a new niche of snowmobilers, tech and gear and most importantly technique targeting a very interesting aspect of this recreational sport. Unless you've tried ... [More]

Improving Reliability and Adding HP with a Dynojet Power Commander

The good ole days when you pulled your carbs out on the bench to tune that lean spot at WOT, wasn't really that long ago. If you're still a hardcore backyard tuner you've probably not given up on the carburetor skills just yet because your faith in the reliability of Fuel Injection systems has not ... [More]

PEAK 2.5 the best Multi-Terrain powder track by Camoplast

If you're in the market for a new track on your mountain or back country sled you have a number of good options to choose from the Camoplast lineup. One in particular you shouldn't overlook is the Peak 2.5 powder track which combines the best characteristics for both powder and hard pack snow with its unique lug design and pattern. [More]

PowderKeg Fuel and Storage Solutions Real World Review

Chances are if you are exposing your sled to the elements of winter you have been challenged with the concept of carry fuel and extra gear on your snowmobile in a neat compact way that doesn't impede your riding or offset the balance of your snowmobile in technical situations. ENTER POWDERKEG LLC, the aftermarket company dedicated to providing the best aftermarket combo solution for fuel and storage. [More]

Strip It - Stick It - Rip It with ArcticFX Graphics

Is your sled beginning to look boring?  Is the novelty of your new snowmobile wearing off and you'd  like something cooler looking? Save yourself some bucks and check out ArticFX Graphics amazing collection of Snowmobile graphics, decals, and stickers that will make your sled stand out on... [More]

A SledAddicts Christmas Wishlist

It was 12:15 A.M on December 25th when a SledAddict, Mr.Hidy, closed the curtains to a snowy night. With a greasy grin he laid his head into the soft pillows to rest his weary bones after spending a long evening of shoveling.

Winter had officially arrived on the East coast of Canada, bringing with it an abundance of snow, Hidy was very content to say the least as the tune of Bing Crosby’s “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” shuffled through his head.

For awhile Mr. Hidy was expecting a green Christmas. He gladly accepted his misguided intuitions as Mother Nature threw her coat over Newfoundland, making this upcoming holiday season a jolly one at that. [More]

Santa's Wishlist Top 5

Even Santa has a wishlist and this year Mrs. Clause sent his list to PowerSportsGear.com . Santa has been extra good all year and deserves a few goodies in his stocking too. Santa's top 5 items are 1.) MotoComm Ridercam 30F Helmet Cam. 2.)Freestyle TeKVest. 3.)Goldfinger Left Hand Throttle Kit. 4.)Snobunje Rattler 5.)Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards [More]