Badger Lake Drifters - 3rd Annual Trip

Each year sledaddicts all over the world anticipate at least one weekend snowmobile getaway to their favorite riding area. Here in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada we have amazing snowmobiling conditions during the winter. This year we decided to make one of our trips an annual event.&n... [More]

The future of 2 strokes secured - BRP releases details of it's new Direct Injection E-TEC 600 H.O snowmobile engine.

  With increased tightening of emission regulations being imposed on snowmobile manufacturers, the 2stroke/4stroke battle gets another boost. The latest unofficial information from BRP that a 593cc engine will be powering a early release 09 TNT E-TEC model due in late January 2008, has bee... [More]

Winter Arrives Early

When snow falls, sledaddicts everywhere are obliged to show their appreciation to mother nature by riding their sleds. Dec 8th, 07 was no exception. [More]

Yamaha tops out 2stroke rivals in first run of the Annual Snow Week/DynoTech Research Adirondack Shootout on December 7th in Woodgate N.Y.

  The "who's fastest" debate is one of the most controversial topics amongst snowmobile enthusiasts who like it fast and furious. Winning bragging rights to the title is a big deal to the OEM companies who spend their hard earned R&D money so you and I will buy their late... [More]

Duluth National Snocross Results

Pro Open Results From Amsoil Duluth National Snocross this past weekend: 1. Tucker Hibbert #68 (Arctic Cat) 2. Levi LaVallee #108 (Polaris) 3. Ross Martin #837 (Polaris) 4. Dennis Eckstrom #25 (Polaris) 5. Mike Schultz #5 (Polaris) 6. TJ GULLA #44 (Polaris) 7. Matt Judnick #58 (Po... [More]