2011 Yamaha's with Industry's First Electric Power Steering

In one of the least hyped model year releases from Yamaha, the new lineup up of 2011 snowmobiles revealed some great new technology on their existing platforms. Yamaha has made most of its enhancements to the Apex lineup. Dropping the mountain version and adding a XTX version.

While many suspected a new more powerful 170+ HP engine for the Apex in a new chasis, yamaha instead opted to follow through on a number of consumer wants from that last 4 years, which is a smart move. [More]

The Best Headlight Covers Yet from SledImage.com

Have you always wanted to make your headlights look super cool, we I recently found a company called SledImage.com through twitter who started following SledAddicts and they sell very tricked out headlight covers that do not affect the functionality of your headlight, so its the best of both worlds really. [More]

Amazing Planet Snowmobile Video By TOBE

In terms of snowmobile videos, TOBE Technology has been a long time favorite of mine since their earlier video releases in 2006.

Another example of top quality snowmobiling content from across the Atlantic. This Absolutely Breathtaking video is part of a larger attempt to snowmobile all over the world. [More]

Sledworthy Magazine Launches 6th Season

Not only is this magazine Atlantic Canad's best contribution to the North American sled mag index, it's guaranteed to be jammed packed with an excellent diversity of articles and one of, if not the best, for quality snowmobile enthusiast content. You will not be dissappointed! I always purchase a copy off the shelf as they are readily available here in Newfoundland corner stores and gas stations. One thing I have to say about Sledworthy is I can pick up any edition and read many of the articles over and over with enjoyment... especially in the summertime when you return from the sled stable and need that sledaddict fix. [More]

Yamaha Charging Up FX Nytro MTX to 180HP

If you're a mountain rider looking for a factory warrantied turbo/supercharge solution in the Yamaha Nytro MTX then you will be a happy camper this Fall. The latest news release by Yamaha at HayDays over the weekend is definitely good news but it leaves alot of the flatlanders high and dry since the units are for riders running above 6000 feet. [More]

Swedens Ruff Riders Extreme Snowmobiling

The legend of Ruff Riders began in the small town Gällivare in northern Sweden. With some of the highest peaks in Scandinavia at your doorstep, and very long winters with lots of snow, this was a perfect framing for the beginning of freeride snowmobiling. As the years passed, the Ruff Riders have evolved to the biggest influence in Scandinavia regarding freeriding and freestyle snowmobiling. During the summer these guys often find themselves doing other stunts and extremesport activites, which has always been an influence in the Ruff Riders spirit. As new riders joined the pack, motocross and other extreme sports have gotten to know about the Ruff Riders aswell. Today Ruff Riders crew extends to riders all over Sweden, and even a few Americans. [More]

Xtreme motorsports competition in Valcourt

More than 120 riders will vie for victory in close to one hundred qualifying heat and final races that will be held at the 28th running of the Grand Prix of Valcourt, presented by La Capitale General Insurance on February 19th - 21st. Over the three days of competition, Xtreme motorsports fans will find their thrills in the more than 20 classes entered in snowmobile ice oval racing, Sno-X competition, Moto-X, and ATV ice oval races. Snowmobile ice oval racers will compete in round 2 of the 2010 SMC Eastern Pro-Tour schedule, which includes the all-important Pro-Champ races, while Sno-X riders will be entering round 6 of the 2009-2010 Camoplast Championship Snocross Series at Valcourt. Motocross and ATV riders will be on the bill Saturday and Sunday. [More]

Skills Wanted

The biggest difference between snowmobiling today, versus snowmobiling even 10 years ago, is not the size of the machines, or the speed, or comfort, but the things you can do with them, and the 'interesting' places you can find yourself in. After my first ride on my Renegade 800, I quickly realized that if I wanted to properly utilize my sled and all it's capabilites, I have to learn some new riding skills. These skills, when put to use, will allow you to travel both groomed as well as any remote/rough terrain just like the best SledAddicts out there. [More]

Yamaha Recalls 2009 FX Nytro Snowmobiles

Yamaha is recalling about 2,500 2009 Model Year FX10 snowmobiles. Although no incidents have been reported, the problems can occur when a bolt in the right front A arm can loosen in the suspension/steering system, resulting in the sudden loss of steering control, posing a risk of injury or death to riders. [More]