3 Hot 2010 Sleds

Don't you love when it's time to buy a snowmobile. You can't deny it's an amazing feeling to bring the sled home, new or used. Of course you baby it in the garage for awhile and drink cold ones with it and the byes while you yarn about what it can and can't do. Then the ranting starts and the next thing you know your braggin about all the mods you'll do to it. This gathering continues until the annual snow finally arrives, and you get to try it all out in the real world. [More]

CastleX Racewear Spotlight

I've recently been converted to the lighter side of dressing up for snowmobiling. I've thrown away my old fashioned winter parker, in place I now wear various layers under a light weight and flexible pullover shell and it feels awesome. [More]

5th Annual Badger Lake Drifters Trip

Each year faithful snowmobile enthusiasts embark on fantastic weekend sled adventures. Justin recently submitted this callout for the Badger Lake Drifters 5th Annual snowmobile trip scheduled for 2010. If you would like to submit a SHOUT OUT for your upcoming snowmobile adventure SledAddicts.com would be happy to host your pics and stories, click the Contact link up top and we'll help spread the word. [More]

Worlds Largest Snowmobile and ATV show

Toronto International Snowmobile.ATV & Powersports Show is the most anticipated snowmobile event in North America and it's all happening for the 22nd time on Oct 16 - 18th 2009 at the Toronto International Centre.
AxXxtionsports.com will be there in full force displaying their 2010 Winter Heat Calendars with autographs from some of the beautiful AxXxtion Sports models. [More]

Historical moment in snowmobiling - 203.3 MPH Record

On September 17th, 2008 at he Val-d'Or Airport, the Lamtrac/G-Force One snowmobile made history by attaining the World Record speed of 210.3 MPH.

Less than a year later, the LamTrac/G-Force One Team were breaking records again!
On September 23rd 2009, the Lamtrac/G-Force One was given the go ahead to attempt at setting a speed record for a snowmobile at Bonneville. The record is set on the average of two runs, in each direction of a one mile distance, within two hours.

The final result, certified by FIA-FIM was an average speed of 203.3 MPH that will be in the record books forever. Indeed an amazing moment in the world of snowmobiling. [More]

Polaris Recalls 2009 Polaris Assault

I was recently browsing through my 2009-2010 snowmobile wishlist, of which the Polaris Assault is in the Top 3 and I begin considering wether or not to keep the 2009 Assualt  on the list due to the recent recall. Some critics may claim a product recall is a bad thing, whi... [More]

Outlaw Grass Drags Are Fun

Even the modest sledaddicts are making their way to the grassy fields to get a whiff of 2stroke smoke, prepping their hearts and their imaginations of another fantastic season of snowmobiling.

Grass Drags are 100% FUN with mixture of camping, BBq's, Swap Meets, all in the company of friends sharing a common desire for their favorite winter past time. [More]


If snowmobiling is your passion, Axxxtion Sports has it all! From Mountain sleds to Mods, paired up with some of the hottest bikini models doing what they do best. A snowmobile has never looked better. [More]

ArcticFX Graphics joins USCC as The Official Graphic Supplier

Look for some great looking sleds racing cross country next season in the United States Cross Country Series (USCC).

ArcticFX Graphics has agreed to sponsor the series as The Official Graphics Supplier to USCC for 2009-2010 season.

Since 2004, ArcticFX Graphics has been producing great custom snowmobile graphics. [More]