Yamaha's Fastest Snowmobile 210.3 MPH

On September 27th at Val d’Or Airport, Quebec the G Force Division / StarSuspensions  Yamaha made an amazing SCM and ISR approved world record run of 210.3 MPH.   The same team had previously made a record run of 179.2 MPH on a full bodied Yamaha.&... [More]

Straightline Performance Committed to Great Results

Vetern and amature snowmobile tuners alike need specialty performance services to keep engines running strong every season. Straightline Performance offers quality products, an online store,  dyno and machine shop services for your next project sled. With Over 30 years experience, Straight... [More]

SledAddicts Tech Articles

  Check out SledAddicts new Tech Articles Section highlighting helpful snowmobile tips, hints and tricks from the garage. Steve's latest article touches on the benefits of using a trail bag and being prepared for your next snowmobile ride.   SledAddicts.com - Rev It Up!  

Cudney Racing's Rev XP Performance packages

Bombardier's new Rev XP lineup will continue to be a big hit again this year as it lived up to the media expectations set early last season. Now aftermarket companies are on board offering a host of great performance packages that will allow Rev XP owners to push the limits further on this proven pl... [More]

SledAddicts.com Pre-Season Update

 SledAddicts.com would like to thank so many faithful readers during the summer downtime.  Our visitor statistics reflect people are happy to see new content throughout the summer months.  In addition to our in house articles, SledAddicts.com Visitors most enjoyed ... [More]

World Record Backflip

World record backflip attempt!!   Sweden legend Daniel Bodin will attempt to break the world record backflip on a snowmobile from ramp to snow in Feb, 2009!   Right now the world record holder on ramp to snow is Dane Ferguson he set this record at last years X Games at 135 f... [More]


When Yamaha introduced 4 strokes to the world they used a series of entertaining "Johnny Skeptical" videos to highlight the selling points of the new 4 Stroke lineup. These videos also featured an attractive model named "Bunny" who inspired alot of interest in the videos. [More]

Yamaha Sled Talk

Yamaha Sled Talk is no ordinary blog. It represents a new social lens that manufacturers are beginning to utilize, through which consumers gain a better understanding. The idea could be touted as risky and awkward, but in Yamaha Motor Canada's case, I believe it creates a positive spin for their brand. [More]