BRP E-TEC 800R Is Coming in 2010

The word is out and websites are slowly starting to reveal the truth about an early limited build 2010 MXZ-X and Summit releases, which has been rumoured for some time now. This is BIG NEWS in the snowmobile world as this engine's release will set the standard by which the other 2-stroke manufacturers will be compared. Here's the lowdown... [More]

3 Hot 2010 Sleds

Don't you love when it's time to buy a snowmobile. You can't deny it's an amazing feeling to bring the sled home, new or used. Of course you baby it in the garage for awhile and drink cold ones with it and the byes while you yarn about what it can and can't do. Then the ranting starts and the next thing you know your braggin about all the mods you'll do to it. This gathering continues until the annual snow finally arrives, and you get to try it all out in the real world. [More]