Yamaha tops out 2stroke rivals in first run of the Annual Snow Week/DynoTech Research Adirondack Shootout on December 7th in Woodgate N.Y.

  The "who's fastest" debate is one of the most controversial topics amongst snowmobile enthusiasts who like it fast and furious. Winning bragging rights to the title is a big deal to the OEM companies who spend their hard earned R&D money so you and I will buy their latest rockets. The new 600 class fleet sleds have been pumping out 120+ HP at their cranks for some time now. The weight race has also been leaning out the competition in an effort to make sleds quicker and more nimble. However, the new Yamaha Team is making a different statement, weight is a requirement for (QDR) Quality Dependability and Reliability. The event allowed all sleds to run several times in out of the box stock, and dealer prepped with varying results. What really stands out is the small variation in the top speeds of the 600 and high performance class snowmobiles. Outside of racing, the best bang for the buck is the 600cc class sleds, and it's not surprising the manufacturers consider this segment of the market the meat and potatoes for consumers... Stock 600s AC F6 Ski-Doo MX Z 600 HO SDI X Polaris 600 Dragon Yamaha FX Nytro RTX Results: 1/4 mile run bone stock out of the box. Arctic Cat - 13.583 seconds at 91.64mph Polaris - 12.54 seconds at 94.93mph Ski-doo - 13.56 seconds at 83.64mph Yamaha -  12.538 seconds at 95.94mph   Stock High Performance AC F1000 Ski-Doo Mx Z 800R X Polaris 700 Dragon Yamaha Apex GT Results: 1/4 mile run bone stock out of the box. Arctic Cat - 12.279 seconds at 100.89mph Polaris - 12.719 seconds at 98.25mph Ski-doo - 12.516 seconds at 92.21mph Yamaha -  12.026 seconds at 102.97mph *Note: Remember the Ski-Doo sleds were run in break-in mode which limited this sleds performance for the event. SledAddicts.com, Your Snowmobile Entertainment & Information Authority ... REV IT UP!!