5th Annual Badger Lake Drifters Trip

Each year faithful snowmobile enthusiasts embark on fantastic weekend sled adventures. Justin recently submitted this callout for the Badger Lake Drifters 5th Annual snowmobile trip scheduled for 2010. If you would like to submit a SHOUT OUT for your upcoming snowmobile adventure SledAddicts.com would be happy to host your pics and stories, click the Contact link up top and we'll help spread the word. [More]

Badger Lake Drifters 4th Annual Sled Excursion

A few weekends ago a crew of sledaddicts gathered again in Central Newfoundland to embark on another weekend of snowmobiling. Generally a guys weekend of sledding consists of poker, darts, watching hockey and enjoying a few cold ones in the night while we ride hard all day in search of powder and drifts.

February 6-8th 2009 was no exception. Although all the guys couldn't make it, we managed to round up enough sled carnage and got ourselves stuck pretty good to satisfy any sledaddiction. [More]