Historical moment in snowmobiling - 203.3 MPH Record

On September 17th, 2008 at he Val-d'Or Airport, the Lamtrac/G-Force One snowmobile made history by attaining the World Record speed of 210.3 MPH.

Less than a year later, the LamTrac/G-Force One Team were breaking records again!
On September 23rd 2009, the Lamtrac/G-Force One was given the go ahead to attempt at setting a speed record for a snowmobile at Bonneville. The record is set on the average of two runs, in each direction of a one mile distance, within two hours.

The final result, certified by FIA-FIM was an average speed of 203.3 MPH that will be in the record books forever. Indeed an amazing moment in the world of snowmobiling. [More]