2009 Ultimate Sled Calendar Club Give-Back

   Wether you're looking for a great stocking stuffer, or a functional conversation piece for your garage,  enclosed trailer, bedroom or office... Sledworthy and Ronin Photography have a breathtaking 2009 Ultimate Sled Calendar for you to buy.   Featuring locations and riders from Atlantic Canada, this Calendar is rich looking, and high quality utilizing High Dynamic Range(HDR) imgaing techniques. Best of all, when you buy a calendar you will be supporting a local Snowmobile Club directly because a portion the proceeds will be donated to a NLSF Club of your choice. This is a worthy cause for all you snowmobile enthusiasts who support groomed trail networks. Snowmobile clubs in Newfoundland struggle each year to raise funds, recruit volunteers and groomer operators to keep Newfoundlands trails systems clean and in tip top condition for cross country touring. Unfortunately, trail permit sales alone don't provide enough money to properly manage a local snowmobile club, making fundraising opportunities a critical component to their success. Thats why the Club Give-Back program associated with this 2009 Ultimate Sled Calendar sales event is such a great idea. Contact Sledworthy and order the 2009 Ultimate Sled Calendar today!! Remember to tell your friends and family that might find this type of calendar interesting or anyone that would like to help out their local snowmobile club using the Give-Back program.