Skills Wanted

The biggest difference between snowmobiling today, versus snowmobiling even 10 years ago, is not the size of the machines, or the speed, or comfort, but the things you can do with them, and the 'interesting' places you can find yourself in. After my first ride on my Renegade 800, I quickly realized that if I wanted to properly utilize my sled and all it's capabilites, I have to learn some new riding skills. These skills, when put to use, will allow you to travel both groomed as well as any remote/rough terrain just like the best SledAddicts out there. [More]

Easy to Install ArcticFx Graphics Kit

When a buddy encouraged me to get sticker kit from ArcticFx Graphics , my first thoughts were 'Fine, but how am I going to put that on without messing it up, I can't do that...or can I?' So I decided to drop over one night and give my buddy a hand installing a kit on his new SledAddicts RMK Assault. It was alot easier than I expected and after we finished the job I felt confident I could do this on my own anytime.

When you think about it, custom graphics kits are a great way to personalize your sled and for 200 to 300 bucks you can make your sled look pretty awesome and unique. The whole idea seems to be really catching on and more people are into a custom look these days. I think this is very important, no different than the choice of music you like or clothes you wear. Your Snowmobiles look could be a reflection of your personality or riding style. Do you want a clean, straight line look?, or an edgy darker type of style? It's all about you, and ArcticFxGraphics.com has every look imaginable. [More]

Hot, Must Have, Accessory Wishlist

With the first snowfall comes the anticipation of another snowmobiling season. And with every new season, comes a list of goodies that we'd love to have on our sled. With the help of some good friends, who are experienced riders, I made up a wish list list of sled items. Here's what I chose and why. [More]

Snowmobile Math 101

In this article, the rookie delves into the decision to buy new or used, as he discovers the simple law of depreciation... here's what he has to say; I came up wth a method that I want to share with you all. It really helped me decide what to buy. I feel that my decision making process is logical and infallibly gets you the machine you SHOULD buy every time. I simply apply these questons to my own situation and the end result is the sled that I want. Think of those autotrader.com commercials with the huge racks of cars. The questions just keep reducing your options until voila! The perfect sled. [More]

Follow the Rookie

As a relative ‘newbie’ to the sport of Snowmobiling, I am pitching the idea of a “Snowmobile Diary” for your website “SledAddicts”, writing about my first full year of snowmobiling on the West Coast of Newfoundland. This diary will contain an account of my weekly riding as well as the ‘trials and tribulations’ associated with the sport (ie. maintenance, learning new riding skills, and how I incorporate riding into my hectic work and family life). [More]