Skidoo REV-XU Expedition raises the stakes.

The stereotype of utility has officially been eradicated with the new "Do what you want, go where you want" personality of the REV-XU chasis on which these impressive sleds are built on, most notably the new Expedition model.

If you like the practicallity of utility, performance and luxury rolled into a snowmobile model that can rise to any occasion and perform to your expectations, the TUV is for you. [More]

Snowmobile Safari in Russia

The anticipated 5-th International snowmobile racing “OpenKarelia-2009” will take place from 30 January to 1 February 2009 in Karelia, Russia. The race route passes near the border of Russia and Finland, close to Saint-Petersburg. The race links the largest lakes of Europe – Ladoga and Onego. Starting in the ancient city of Olonets and finishing in city founded by Peter the First – Petrozavodsk, this event is sure to be a breathtaking adventure... [More]

Welcome 2009 SledAddicts, What's Up?

Out with the old and in with the new. What's 2009 have in store for sledAddicts everywhere this winter?

There's certianly alot of tech to test, and a hoarde of new sleds as well as some exciting events to attend. 2010 Snowmobiles:

Of course we're hardly into 2009 and theres already a few rumours floating around the forums hinting at 2010 snowmobile info. Although, it's still too early for any of the photo leaks and stories to dribble in from out near the OEM test areas. I'd speculate you'll see power Assisted steering coming soon from one Manufacturer, and possibly new supercharged 4 stroke model from another. [More]

Hot Off The Press - SledAddicts In The Garage

SledAddicts has been putting together a new type of presentation for all our readers in the form of a Free electronic magazine (E-Mag or E-Zine) called "SledAddicts In The Garage".

The new E-Magazine showcases some original content put together by the SledAddicts team to spice up the content delivery on the website. We've been piloting the new Magazine style for a couple of months and the feedback has been positive, so we hope you'll all enjoy it too!! [More]

PhatMountainFilms East Coast Release Party

Showcasing a variety of riders and styles in High Definition, this new film will inspire some great riding in your not too distant future. Wether you've been wrenching on your sled or eyes glued to the sled forums this fall waiting for that first ride of the season, this event is the perfect fix for your sled addiction. [More]

2009 Ultimate Sled Calendar Club Give-Back

   Wether you're looking for a great stocking stuffer, or a functional conversation piece for your garage,  enclosed trailer, bedroom or office... Sledworthy and Ronin Photography have a breathtaking 2009 Ultimate Sled Calendar for you to buy.   Featuring locations a... [More]