About Us


Sledaddicts.com has been inspired by snowmobilers all over the world who have the  passion to enjoy the winter season with friends and family.

Being an enthusiast made it easy to find and compile all the information found in this dynamic web mashup. After spending years surfing many snowmobile websites and participating in countless  public forums, I begin to realize how much information I was using in my own snowmobiling experiences. It made me a knowledgable snowmobiler who was aware of issues related to snowmobiling in locations beyond my personal locale as well as more informed about aftermarket products.

Thats when I decided to develop my own contribution to my fellow snowmobile enthusiasts, dedicated to entertaining people with a common passion for snowmobiling.

SledAddicts.com debuted in late October 2006, and it attracted interest beyond my expectations from snowmobilers all over the world.

My goal is to provide a plethora of snowmobile entertainment and information resources to attract more people to this great outdoor activity.

Sledaddicts.com integrates existing snowmobile resources using current web technologies that keep it updated dynamically with content from Youtube, Google, Ebay  and many other webservices that enable websites to share information.

In the midst of so many great snowmobile specific websites already on the web, Sledaddicts.com willingly promotes sites that offer great content and excellent users who contribute to everyones understanding concerning all snowmobile topics.

Being a software developer, naturally makes implementing this internet creativity easy. I have fun buliding and maintaining this site, and I have some cool projects in the planning stage that will really catch some attention when their done...  so always stay tuned.

Thanks for checking out SledAddicts.com, and I encourage you to keep coming back to the snowmobile website offering premium snowmobile entertainment for Free...   SledAddicts.com !!