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Welcome to the ArcticFXgraphics.com MicroSite


AFX was Established in 2004, and  formed in order to provide power sport enthusiasts like ourselves an alternative to the run-of-the-mill graphics options offered by the OEM's.

Our goal at AFX is to provide the customer new and exciting graphics options, in a quick and efficient manner, and at a comparable cost to OEM. We offer many kits in an assortment of color options that you will hopefully find appealing while using our Graphics Layout Interface. However, if you would like a kit customized to your color specifications, or would like an entirely new concept created, then you have come to the right place as well. Simply contact us with your specs and we would be happy to email you a mock-up. Also offered are specialty vinyl's including, but not limited to: chrome, diamond plate, carbon fiber, prismatic, and neon. We also stock every color foil for print available. In other words, if they make it-we have it, or can get it within days.

Thanks for visiting our SledAddicts Microsite, and remember-Stock Sucks.

Strip It-Stick It-Rip it.