2009 Snowmobile Round Up

Finally, Fall is beginning to quickly settle in  here on the east coast of Canada.

Colorfull countrysides of deciduous and early morning frost warnings present a welcome reminder to snowmobile enthusiasts that Winter is just around the corner.

Accompaning the onslaught of mother natures Coolest season is the hustle and bustle of snowmobile marketing and staging at the local dealerships as they begin presenting the new 2009 model line ups that received so much Fan fare last March and April.

This is a big year for all the manufacturers as all their lineups have received substantial upgrades and redesigns for consumers.
  • Arctic Cat has a new crossover segment, a host of new engine configurations with a new Turbo 4 stroke that will pull arms out of sockets. 
  • Polaris has a great lineup this season with the new Assualt RMK as well as expanding the model lineup sporting the 150+HP 800 Cleanfire which will be stomping the compitetion this season.

  • Ski-Doo has a full lineup of new 130hp 4-stroke models for all categories in a new chasis and an improved 2 stroke E-Tec system for the XP chasis that will definitely keep the 2-stroke campfires burning for years to come.

  • Yamaha has spread Fuel Injection throughout most of the lineup with  suspension upgrades around the board, a newly redesigned Venture, and of course the talk of the trails is the all new crossover Nytro XTX.

Whatever you favorite OEM flavor may be, you have to agree there's a healthy supply of great choices for consumers in 2009.

That means if you're in the market for a new 2009 snowmobile, you have a tough choice on your hands when you head out to the dealerships to inspect the new iron.
You should definitely shop around and get a good idea what's on the market. Neglecting to do so may be denying you the snowmobile that best matches your riding style and needs.

SledAddicts keeps a close eye on most of the snowmobile websites that get the opportunity to test ride new sleds each spring. One of the best places to get aquianted with the performance of new 2009 snowmobile models this year is at MaximumSled.com

MaxSled editor/test rider Shane Zepplin provides a concise 2009 Sled Tech Preview in 10 categories that should help you start your 2009 snowmobile search.

At a glance here's what to expect, for more info check out the links for Shane's writeups
  1. Best Overall fit and finish - Yamaha Apex, Venture GT and  Vector.
  2. Best Hand gaurds - Polaris Drgaon SP
  3. Best Taillights - Yamaha's LEDs and Arctic Cats M-series and Crossfire LEDs
  4. Most Stylish headlights - Ski-Doo Rev XP
  5. Best OEM Skis - Ski-Doo Pilot 5.7
  6. Best Ditch Rear Suspension - Yamaha FX Nytro TRX SE
  7. Best Trail Rear Suspension - Yamaha sleds with the Ohlins Mono shock suspension.
  8. Best Shock Package - Polaris Dragon SP and Yamaha FX Nytro TRX SE
  9. Best Fueltank design - Ski-Doo XP and Polaris IQ
  10. Best Hand warmers - Ski-Doo

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