2010 Polaris Rush

Polaris has certainly created a rush of discussion with the introduction of it's new 600 based big bump sled. The Forums have been pretty active all week with interesting discussions and perceptions of the new "Progressive-rate Suspension" design and the look of the Polaris Rush. Polaris loyalists are definitely happy with the new model and so they should.

I think this sled is very appealing and is the most radical snowmobile developed since the Redline. I would love an opportunity to test ride a Rush.

If I could ask Polaris one question, it would be the same one resonating from the forums. When is a 136" version going to be available?

If you havn't read up on the specs and technology of this beautiful new sled, then check it out here.

One of the most interesting features of the new Rush is the "Rider-Active Control" which allows the rider to use weight to affect the sleds handling.


The new suspension design and dirtbike rider position of the new "Pro-Ride Chasis" play a key part in utilizing the riders weight transfer to play a bigger role in the control of the Rush and this results in a superior riding experience.


I have a notion this type of design is the beginning of the next phase of the Rider forward snowmobile concept, and I bet you'll see similiar suspension technology from Yamaha in the next 5 years based on a prototype that appeared on the net 2 years ago after a dealer show.... funny how those pics just dissappeared late in 2008.


2 thumbs up to Polaris for pushing the technology envelope,  I really hope this sled is the key that unlocks the pandora box of snowmobile technology and the edge Polaris needed get enthusiasts rushing in to buy the new model.


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