2010 Snowmobile NewsFlash


In case you havn't heard, on February 10th 2009, Noon EST Yamaha will be unveiling the 2010 snowmobile lineup.

Chris Reid from Yamaha Sled Talk revealed a hint of information last week and posted the first pic of the new 2010 Yamaha sled on the internet. The comments on Sled Talk are interesting and humerous, so check it out, but don't get too excited by the photo, its only a teaser.

However, whats more important is to know these new models are out on the Six Star Snow Riders Trail System in ParrySound, Ontario. If you live out that way the test riding is going on in your back yards, so lets see some spy shots of the new 4stroke beasts.

I'll hazard a guess to what 2010 snowmobile they are test riding with the crew from SuperTrax: A 2010 Apex GT sporting the Nytro based chasis with new power assisted steering technology and an updated ski with improved stock carbide runners. There's a possibility of an High Output version of the current  4 cylinder powermill, but I do not expect a new powerplant for 2010.

With just over 2 weeks to wait, I'm sure the Yamaha forums will be heating up with discussions on the new



Click Pic for Promo video and spolier!









Tomorrow, Polaris will be unveiling something new for its 2010 lineup .... and it looks like a hotrod bump sled with a new rear suspension design.  With marketing tips like "dominate the whoops" and "this changes everything" I predict a monocross style suspension, similiar to the Redline snowmobile , attempting to capture the ultimate big bump title.

I also predict the 600RR powerplant. The design changes and ergonomics are obvious from the very revealing teaser pic. Normally even design changes and bold new graphics are kept under wraps until release date. The pic reinforces the obvious real focus on Polaris's new suspension technology. Looks interesting ... Watch out SkiDoo yoru XRS XP is about to be challenged.