2010 Yamaha Snowmobiles Revealed


After having an opportunity to digest the info on the new 2010 Yamaha's I'll have to admit being wrong on my prediction of the introduction of power assisted steering on a snowmobile.

Yes I am surprised there wasn't a new high performance model replacing the Apex, but given that Yamaha released their 2010 Nytro XTX a year ahead of schedule in 2009, Yamaha fans got their new 2010 model early so to speak.

What's new for Yamaha? ... no new models and alot of refinement.

In a nut shell, the improvements enable easier maintainence with the addition of replaceable idler wheel bearings and a long overdue improvement to handlebar warmers across the lineup.

The biggest upgrades are in the Vector and Nytro models.

With the addition of the 120HP Fuel Injected engine, a radiator with fan, a new MonoShock II rear suspension and improved gauges and new seat waterproofing, the Vector lineup is better and more reliable than ever.

The Nytro MTX sports a new FXG2 front end with Fox Float 2's and a new ProMountain Air rear suspension wrapped with a new Camoplast track and extrovert drivers all mounted to a new tunnel design optimized for deep snow riding.

It's evident Yamaha is working on increasing reliability and user satisfaction with the existing model lineup. That being said, we know there are radical new models lurking about in the shadows of secret testing locations somewhere in the world ... I guess we'll all have to wait to see what 2011 has in store for Yamaha snowmobile enthusiasts.

In the meantime, Shane Zeppelin has a fantastic in depth article over on MaxSled about the 2010 Yamaha snowmobiles and all the changes, check it out or visit Yamaha's 2010 snowmobile website.



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