2011 Yamaha's with Industry's First Electric Power Steering

In one of the least hyped model year releases from Yamaha, the new lineup up of 2011 snowmobiles revealed some great new technology on their existing platforms. Yamaha has made most of its enhancements to the Apex lineup. Dropping the mountain version and adding a XTX version.

While many suspected a new more powerful 170+ HP engine for the Apex in a new chasis, yamaha instead opted to follow through on a number of consumer wants from that last 4 years, which is a smart move.

Last year SledAddicts predicted a new electric steering feature for 2010, and we're glad to see this finally come to fruition for 2011. Power steering is a wonderful feature which improves handling and predictability by isolating the rider from much of the feedback generated by the trail through the handlebars. This new technology will defintiely entice many demo riders to praise the ease and comfort this feature adds to the snowmobile experience. If you've been following "Yamaha Sled Talk" you may have already heard about some of the new tech, as it is an excellent source of Yamaha information.

It's not hard to tell Yamaha engineers have been listening to its consumer base with its latest list of innovations.

  1. Introduction of a new ski:
  2. Longer 15x128x1.25" track:
  3. New EXUP valve technology:
  4. Improved Engine Braking:
  5. Higher mid range performance engine modificatins:
  6. New Mono Shock II Air suspension:
  7. New higher seat with more storage capacity:

These with the includion of a host of other updates definitely adds to the value added APEX lineup.  Check out more of the Yamaha Lineup.

On the downside, all these goodies come at a price and unfortunately put the APEX models slightly out of the price range of most buyers. Although Yamaha's are well known for their reliability and superb craftmanship,  $17,799 CDN + tax for the 2011 Apex SE is alot of coin to cough up for a snowmobile regardless of all the upgrades.

Stay tuned for more information on 2011 snowmobiles in the coming weeks as Arctic Cat, Polaris and SkiDoo roll out their new lineups.