5th Annual Badger Lake Drifters Trip


Hey Sledaddicts, it is almost that time of year again!


The smell of two stroke engines, the feel of a 4 stroke turning over, that first ride feeling when your machine feels like it can go 200 mph and the cold fall air as we wait for the first big dump.


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This year we will be hosting our 5th annual Badger Lake Drifters trip in Central, NL. We have been going 5 years strong now and our following gets larger every year. I am still not sure if it is because of my hospitality and cooking or if it’s the riding and terrain we cover that brings the boys back for more.



 This year promises to be our biggest trip yet with interest from more than a dozen hardcore sledaddicts wanting to tackle the drifts and hills looking to take down the summit. This year we plan on breaking up the two night trip into two different locations. The first night will be spent at my cabin on Badger Lake and the second possibly in Millertown Junction at Rideout’s cabin which will be close to our regular riding area of the Gaff Topsails. Of course, this is open to discussion based on snow conditions, the number of sleds involved and our planned route this year once finalized.


If anyone is interested in joining us this year please contact us so we can arrange a meeting point on the Saturday morning of the selected weekend to begin our adventure and get some footage and photos for the website. Check back in mid January for our finalized date and location of the Badger Lake Drifters 5th annual excursion and powder busting weekend.


I can’t wait to see all the sleds lined up with the latest sled wraps designed by Arcticfxgraphics.com.


Ride it like you stole it!



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