SledAddicts Journal: Monday June 30th, 2008: 


It’s June 30 and I’m at Badger Lake for a couple nights, here for the Canada day holiday plus another day. Ahhhhhhh, life is great at the lake.

We (my wife and little guy, Benjamin) arrived here this evening, fired up the barbeque: steak is on the menu tonight, with a side of fried onions and a green salad.



SledAddicts Journal: Tuesday July 1st, 2008: 



We woke this A.M to the sun just blasting in our window, looks like a large day outside. After breakfast, I head out on the covered porch for a morning read and to finish off my morning fix of java. Birds chirping, a loon off in the distance is letting everyone know he is present, ahhh, can life get any better?


The peaceful serenity is broken when a sea doo heads down the lake for a morning ride. My mind immediately drifts ahead to mid February when myself and my buddy are riding sleds on the same lake, then frozen of course. Good chance it’s quite early on a Saturday morning that I envision this. We are headed to wherever our hearts desire. It’s the weekend and we have the day to ride, ride and ride some more.


Ok, before I get carried away again,  I take my last sip of the morning and ponder ... What to do today? questions pop in my mind. Will I chop some wood for my father in law, who owns this beautiful spot? Will I take a ride on the pontoon boat? There are many things I can be doing.


There goes another sea doo up the lake. I can’t take it any longer.

I grab the key and head out to the garage. As I open the barn style doors, starring me right in the face is my winter ride. I make my way to the back of the building and slowly remove the cover and begin salivating. I anxiously sit on the sled and once again my mind drifts off to when I am riding the “white gold” on a cold and crisp weekend morning with more powder than one would ever need. The smell of 2 stroke oil in the air, the frost is still covering the surrounding trees; there I go again, getting carried away.


Is it just me?  Does anyone else think about riding all summer long? Come on, the local weather man advised us all to wear sun screen today and all I can think of is riding my sled ALL DAY LONG!



My wife is wondering where I have retreated too when I’m not found out on the porch. She spots the wide open garage doors and instantaneously, she knows what I am up to. I see her peek around the corner and when our eyes meet, all I hear from her is  "oh jeez" !  as I'm sitting on my GTX, off in dreamy, dreamy land.



What are you doing, she asks?



I respond, "just checking on the sled".


Then I get an eye roll from her. Yip, I don’t get too many of those but I guess this one was warranted.



I reluctantly, step off, grab the cover and blanket my sled for a few more months. I’m not the type of person to wish away my time, but I really, really can’t wait until I am back on the trails again headed for “wherever my heart desires”.


Todd Blake, contributing writer for SledAddicts.com