Ad Boivin's new EXPLORER Smart All Terrain System


It's not surprising to see a merging of recreational all terrain vehicle technologies for multi purpose use. I have always speculated that increasing costs associated to owning multiple recreational all terrain vehicles would lead to the invention of the ultimate multipurpose recreational vehicle.  Now Ad Boivin brings us one step closer to that reality with the introduction of its EXPLORER Smart All Terrain System. This new crossover product, stemming from years of experience building the renown and wild SnowHawk, now merges DirtBikes with snow friendly technology giving MotoCrossers and Enduro riders the ability to enjoy their bikes all year round. Read more here.



I'll admit it's a great idea, but AD Boivin wasn't the first manufacturer to make this concept a reality. That honor goes to the Company 2Moto Snowbikes who have been in this market for awhile with their Radix and Rogue products.

It would be nice to see a real world comparison between the AD Boivin and 2Moto applications at some point in the future.  SledAddicts.com gives both manufacturers thumbs up for being innovative, and we'll be keeping our ears and eyes open for more updates and news on these new products.

In this video, the 2moto Radix application demonstrates hill climbing ability. Of course these applications have their pros and cons and limitations, but you have to agree they perform pretty well.



Even entrepreneurs in the cycling markets have brainstormed a similiar concept such as the Ktrack. This is a universal tracted rear drive kit that will transform your mountain bike into the ultimate all terrain riding machine.  I'd love to be able to use my mountain bike during the winter, I bet it would be alot of fun trail riding or just getting around on those snowy days as an alternative to walking.

Another interesting technology mashup that I can't resist from mentioning is the Quadski. The perfect marriage of an ATV and PWC ... Looks like a blast to ride.


Now, Imagine owning a recreational machine that can conquer all terrain types, mud, snow, rocks, pavement and whatever else man and mother nature can deliver.  Interestingly, someone has already invented a prototype of a radical new vehicle that could redefine the meaning of all terrain vehicle. The  Hyanide is a wild concept vehicle created by German designers Oliver Keller and Tillman Schlootz for the 2006 Michelin Challenge Design, made especially for California's diverse and often rugged topography. The Hyanide is capable of making sharp and fast turns with a advanced turning system that bends the entire frame of the bike to properly make turns. It's been designed to utilize a 500cc liquid-cooled ATV engine that could produce a top speed upwards of 85 mph. It currently only exists as a one-fifth scale, non-functional, model.

The future of snowmobiling has an interesting development path ahead, and frankly it's exciting to see these innovations evolving recreational habits during our favorite season of the year.


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