Arctic Cat's New 600 SnoPro

With all the hype hanging around the tracks, the Sno Cross circuit has been the hotbed for the newest tech coming out of the OEM camps.

In 2008 Arctic Cat grabs the spotlight with an All new Racer that is sure to get the attention it desrves, and its styling is downright meaner looking than anything else we've seen from AC.

                   AC 600 Sno Pro = Snow ripping power snorting 2 stroke fun!!!




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Arctic Cat is marketing this sled as a  "Terrain Racer" which means it's designed for on and off track conditions, and its purpose built to handle the worst man and mother nature can deliver.

The aggressive new styling is not the only significant change for this model, check out the highlighted list of updates:

  • New 600 engine meeting 2008 Stock class racing rules, and runs on premixed 92 octane fuel.
  • Pyramidal 4130 chrome-moly tubular light weight chasis.
  • Increased chasis regidity by using self-piercing rivets.
  • New A-arm front suspension design utilizing a single spindle, ball joints and relocated shock mounts.
  • Increased ground clearance in the front with higher driveshaft location for increased clearance in the rear.
  • More forward mounted Slide Action rear suspension with a more aggressive rail profile increases traction and steering angle, improving its turning abilities.
  • Fox IFP shocks all around.
  • New Camoplast 15x128x1.7" track.
  • Wider tunnel and running boards.
  • 7 and 12 gallon fuel tank options.
  • EFI is replaced with 40mm TM Flatslide carburetors and V-Force Reed Valves.
  • Ceramic coated exhaust pipes.
  • Front and tunnel mounted heat exchangers.
  • Weighs in at 450lbs.

If those highlights peak your interest, don't get too excited about seeing one at a dealership anytime this year, because according to Arctic Cat, only 300 units of the Sno Pro 600 will be produced, and all are spoken for by Team Arctic Cat racers. Keep a watch out for this bad boy racer at National Sno Cross and Cross country events this season, and pray that one will be available to consumers in 2009.



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