BRP E-TEC 800R Is Coming in 2010

A few years ago the future of the 2-stroke looked grime when viewed through the googles of an emission standardized future. Then BRP released E-TEC technology and a new future emerged where 2 strokes still dominated. The 600 class snowmobile lineup in BRP's last 2 years provided a number of engine combinations, and now finally their 800 breed of the E-TEC is here to show consumers that 2-Stroke smoke is here to stay.

The word is out and websites are slowly starting to reveal the truth about an early limited build 2010 MXZ-X and Summit releases, which has been rumoured for some time now. This is BIG NEWS in the snowmobile world as this engine's release will set the standard by which the other 2-stroke manufacturers will be compared.

Here's the lowdown.

  • 37% better fuel economy than the competition. Aprox 19mpg - Thats a big statement to make because they do not clarify is thats better than any sled including 4-stroke or just the curretn 800 class sleds .... we'll have to wait and see.)
  • 325KM fuel range.
  • first pull starts everytime.
  • automatic break-in function.
  • automatic summerization function.
  • super smooth and responsive.
  • More horsepower than the current PowerT.E.K

Don'e be surprised to see some of these new engines in the Ski-Doo Winter Demo Tour 2010


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