Bringing in a new season of snowmobile entertainment...

Sledaddicts.com has a whole new look and feel to kickstart it's second successful year on the web, and we're anticipating another great season as we step up the features and content.

As snowmobile enthusiasts, we should take a minute to appreciate the effort people and groups are making to demonstrate their extreme passion for this awesome sport by developing, hosting and maintaining all the great free snowmobile internet resources on the web.
What we also found interesting is the broad coverage of visitors received from all over the world, a testiment to our fantastic sport and an indicator of it's acceptance as an international winter past time. This passion is not only a wonderful outlet of expression, but it's a great source of entertainment.
In case you're wondering what's been going on over ther summer with Sledaddicts.com, here's a quick summary.

Sledaddicts.com has been doing alot of research and development in a variety of areas that we hope will make this site your #1 stop for snowmobile entertainment and information.

Sledaddicts.com has been checking out all the snowmobile sites on the internet, evaluating their purpose and features.

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Sledaddicts.com is intent on providing a top notch experience, and we're really hoping for an early winter so we can all get out on our sleds and really enjoy the sport and the season.

Stay tuned as we cotinue to bring the remaining new features online. Meanwhile feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have.

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