Chris Burandt Pilots Polaris's 800 Assualt RMK


There's no question Polaris is poised to dominate race circuits around the globe, and the recent endorsement from Pro rider Chris Burandt  proves how serious Polaris is in its effort.

Chris Burandt, X-games Gold Medalist, Slednecks rider, and owner/tour guide of Burandts Backcountry Adventure, and unquestionably one of the most well rounded extreme snowmobile riders ever is officially piloting Polaris for the 2010 season.


This is a big deal for Polaris and it's obviously directing the spotlight on Polaris products and potential. Frankly I'm not surprised with this recent move. Polaris really turned up the heat on the competition with the 600RR's dominance in the snow cross circuit. Now with the new crazy extreme 800 Assualt RMK and SnoGoer's "Sled of the Year" Rush 600, Polaris appears to have the upper hand on the competition.

This year will be exciting indeed, let the marketing blitz begin.

I was at work being productive when the thought of seeing what chaos Chris will create on the hills aboard the Assualt had me heading to my local Polaris dealer, The Parts Center Ltd. , here in Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador. I couldn't resist having another look at the 2010 800 Assault RMK. I'd hazard a guess there won't be many of these left on dealer floors by the time Christmas rolls around.

After giving the sales rep a barrage of questions to answer, i begin to feel the urge to bump up the Assualt as my #1 choice for a new sled. There's something about the Assualt that gives it that "Bad Boy" appeal, stanced like a pit bull snarling fear into it's rider. OK, it's just a sled, but a nice one at that and the price is so much more attractive than the new HCR.

 A few articles ago I had the HCR as numero uno, but I'm really having second thoughts on the HCR now.  So much so, I already have a custom ArcticFx Graphics kit picked out for an Assualt,  IF I GET ONE!!


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