Historical moment in snowmobiling - 203.3 MPH Record

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Historical moment in snowmobiling : The legendary Bonneville Salt Flat International Speedway

TRACADIE-SHEILA, NB, SEPT 23th 2009- Lamtrac International, manufacturer of world class forestry, utility, and snow grooming vehicles is pleased to announce their participation in another break through moment in the snowmobiling industry. The Lamtrac/G-Force 1, world speed record holder on 1000cc engine, was invited to Bonneville Salt Flats International speedway for an attempt at the world re-known race track. This was the first snowmobile to attempt the record at the unique site.

The Lamtrac/G-Force 1 is the brainchild of creators, Donald Gauvin and Gilles Gagné. Both passionate inventors/businessmen, united by their common goals of excellence in design and innovation, they decided to build what would become the worlds fastest snowmobile. Although their individual enterprises operate in completely separate industries, the obvious and common link was snowmobiling and the dream began.

On Sept 17th 2008, the Lamtrac/G-Force 1 did its maiden voyage in Val D’or Quebec at the local airport landing strip. The location was chosen due to the rare two mile long runway, but also due to the strong local presence of snowmobile lovers. The first official run delivered a speed of 210.8 MPH and was witnessed and certified by the International Snowmobile Racing (ISR).

Simply being invited to Cook Motorsports FIA-FIM Speed Trials, Sept 20-26, was an honor to both Gagné and Gauvin, their respective teams, and to the snowmobile industry as a whole. ‘Everyone remembers the first man on the moon, and everyone involved in snowmobiling and racing in general will remember that the Lamtrac/G-Force 1 was the first tracked vehicle to touch Bonneville International Speedway.

On September 23rd 2009, the Lamtrac/G-Force One was given the go ahead to attempt at setting a speed record for a snowmobile at Bonneville. The record is set on the average of two runs, in each direction of a one mile distance, within two hours.

The final result, certified by FIA-FIM was an average speed of 203.3 MPH that will be in the record books forever. Indeed an amazing moment in the world of snowmobiling.


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