LewisHillbillies.com - Website of The Year 2008


After much consideration,  SledAddicts.com has selected it's first  "Website of the Year"  ..... CONGRATULATIONS  to Justin House and Grant Dicks, the founders of the LewisHillbillies.com website, and special extended thanks to all the Hillbilly supporters who kept the forums running strong and the consistently updated photo galleries. With a hot new look to their site this year plus a bunch of other accolades, the Lewis Hillbillies edged out SnowandMud.com for Website of the Year!!

We're heading into the month of May and the Lewis HillBillies from Newfoundland's west coast are still enjoying excellent riding conditions around the highest point on "The Rock", Lewis Hills. If you don't believe it, head over to their website forum or April 26th picture gallery for some stories and pics of their latest adventures and riding conditions in that region.

Last season the Lewis Hillbillies released their 3rd snowmobile video - "Lewis HillBillies III - JUDGED" which is an action packed adventure that all snowmobilers will enjoy. Their new Video 814 launched this season, you can buy a copy from their online store it's a great bang for the buck and an excellent addition to your DVD collection. The LewisHillbillies.com website has become the focus of much attention as a result of the popularity of their home stomping ground around the Lewis Hills, and also because they are a great crew of friendly Newfoundlanders who are putting a positive spin on snowmobiling in Newfoundland. 

This winter, an article was published in SledWorthy magazine which outlined how they got started, who they are, what they represent and what drives their passion for snowmobiling, and it's not surprising to realize these are a bunch of down to earth people motivated by their passion for snowmobiling who enjoy sharing their adventures. They've also been highlighted in Snow Goer Magazine when they guided test pilot Mike VanMuyen and pro snowcross racer Mike Island througout the West Coast terrain and hills, and their review of the Hillbillies was spetacular to say the least.

There is a strong following of hardcore snowmobilers all over Newfoundland. We have the Sled-Headz on the east coast, BackCountry Hillbillies ... website in development .. on the Northern Peninsula,  Lewis Hillbillies on the West Coast, and of course SledAddicts in Central. Most Newfoundland snowmobilers identify themselves with at least one of these brands with a sense of pride.

When you consider the rural population of "The Rock" you get a sense that snowmobiling is much more than a recreational sport and past time, it's a way of life that screams through the veins of snowmobile fanatics of all ages, and the riding abilities of these sledders aint to shabby. The videos, pic galleries, and stories depict awesome riding, high flying aerial jumps and fantastic powder riding .... many of the Hillbilly riders can hang with the best of them and that makes for some great entertainment.

While some of you begin contemplating summerizing the sleds, you should immediatley download one the the high quality Lewis Hillbilly desktop wallpapers for you computer to get you through the summer months ... it will defintiely stir the SledAddict in all of you!!

Congratulations LewisHillbillies.com on a great year on the web and on the Hills, we look forward to keeping up to date with you in the years to come, and hope your following continues to grow as you continue to showcase Newfoundland's snowmobiling paradise.


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