PEAK 2.5 the best Multi-Terrain powder track by Camoplast

If you're in the market for a new track on your mountain or back country sled you have a number of good options to choose from the Camoplast lineup. One in particular you shouldn't overlook is the Peak 2.5 powder track which combines the best characteristics for both powder and hardpack snow with its unique lug design and pattern.


What makes a good powder track? Flexible Lugs that can fold over easily preventing the track from trenching and getting the sled up on top of the snow quicker and while maintaining good track speed to get you over the top.


What makes a good hard pack track? Stiff lugs that bite into hardpack or well setup snow providing good acceleration and less trackspin.


The Camoplast PEAK 2.5 track provides the best all around performance for powder and hard snow. The most popular powder track for years was is the Extreme and later variants still provide excellent floatation in a light weight design.


One of the interesting performance characteristics about the Peak design is the angular pattern lugs which provide additional lift in the deep snow by funneling the snow underneath the track instead of trenching it away. The ridged outer lugs still bite into the crust and provided excellent lateral control on the hillside without washing out the rear to easily. Trail riding stability is improved as well with the stiff outer lugs.

After several years of abuse on my RMK 800, this track has held up excellent and provides a great deal of confidence in all terrain and riding situations, and would highly recommend this option for riders needing a better balance of soft and hardpack traction without compromising durability.