PowderKeg Fuel and Storage Solutions Real World Review

POWDERKEG LLC, the aftermarket company dedicated to providing the best aftermarket combo solution for fuel and storage.

Have you ever wrestled with securing that clunky fuel container or challenged to carry extra fuel on that longer ride?  

Have you ridden for miles only to realize your fuel container has been barely hanging on or decided to quite a take a break way back on that trail?

Have you ever had issues with carrying your extra gear keeping things dry and in place on that rough back country road?

Have your saddle/carry bag zippers frozen and velcro pockets filled with snow making it impossible to get to things easily?

Chances are if you are exposing your sled to the elements of winter you have been challenged with the concept of carrying extra fuel and gear on your snowmobile in a neat compact way that doesn't impede your riding or offset the balance of your snowmobie in technical situations.



Living in a location where your backyard is literally a snowmobilers paradise, you get plenty of seat time to evaluate whether an investment in snowmobile accessories, clothing and add-ons are really worth it, and when I had the opportunity to try the PowderKeg I jumped at the chance because I knew it could potentialy solve one of the most inconvienent aspects of back country or long haul snowmobile riding.

The PowderKeg solution has two components; 1. A compact integrated fuel container. 2. Tough low profile water tight storage container.  Combined, this combo is the most practical add-on I've used on a snowmobile.

The PowderKeg system comes in various sizes offering anywhere from 2 to 3.25 gallons of fuel and up to 8 gallons of storage secured to the tunnel. The only drawback with the PowderKeg product is there is nothing for the Yamaha lineup due to the rear exhaust location on the 4-stoke. Those of you running a modified exhaust exiting in the tunnel could make this work on the Yamaha.

I'm currently running an 09 RMK Assault 146 and decided to try the Polaris P-136 Combo, which is a 2 gallon fuelkeg and a 3 gallon powderkeg for storage and an aluminum snow shovel. When I received the PowderKeg LLC branded box and checked out the product I intially thought the unit would be too small. 

Upon first inspection I had reservations about the latching system, until I tried the solution, I worried this might not live up to its promises.


I was very pleased to find out first hand the latching system is very reliable on any unit installed to the manufacturers specifications and is more than adequate to keep everything intact on the tunnel no matter how rough and how hard I pounded my sled through whooped out trails and back country terrain.




PowderKeg LLC has released a funny video to answer the concern many non-users express about the latches.

I was also able to stuff the Powderkeg with everything I needed for a long day ride. A small axe, two lengths of rope, extra googles, two  extra pairs of gloves, small stock polaris tool bag with some added wrenches and vicegrips, a small first aid kit, hunting knife, a litre of water and snacks for the day. With 2 extra gallons in the fuelkeg and the integrated shovel,  I was prepared for a great day in the backcountry.


After feeling confident in the product, I had some additional PowderKeg combo units shipped to me for other OEM brands for some friends to try, and again the feedback was all positive and everyone felt this was exactly the solution they needed and in fact exceeded their expectations. The larger units are just amazingly spacious and can handle enough gear for an overnight trip no problem.


One particular incident really demonstrated how secure and durable the powderkeg is:

A bunch of us were playing on a powder layden valley on a sunny late March ride when two sleds got tangled a little. One sled actually collided with the other when the rider lost control on a downhill ascent while another was climbing.

The contact between the sleds ski and the powderkeg was audible to onlookers and both sleds rolled several times to the bottom of the hill. The Powderkeg remained firmly intact, with a large indentation at the point of contact. After a closeer inspection and a little push from the inside, the indententation was mostly corrected and the rest was easily corrected with a little heat and persuasion when we returned to the garage that evening. I've even witnessed a sled roll up to 15 times on a  steep hill with crusty snow without any displacement or damage to the PowderKeg .... the sled however wasn't so lucky.


In fact, the only time I've seen a PowderKeg displaced was when the rider forgot to latch the unit to the tunnel.


Beyond being durable, the unit is so convienent because everything stays dry and the extra weight is not noticable due to the fuel containers low centre of gravity. Easily  carry extra gear and enough fuel to go those extra miles and it doesn't affect the balance of your sled or your ability to transition from side to side. If you feel the extra weight is a little too much to risk not making that extra steep climb, you can quickly unlatch the keg and have some fun without it.


What I really like is how easy and quick it is to refuel. In less than a minute you are fueling. With a couple of flicks of the latches you've resecured the kegs and ready to keep riding. This is especially practical when your riding hard with the fast pack and you run dry ... you can refuel and catch up with the pack without them having to stop and wait.



PowderKeg LLC has done a great job in simplifying the installation. Depending on your sled model and length there are 3 types of mounting solutions. They all use the simple latching system, so your only installation work is to ensure the small brackets that attach to your sled are positioned and rivitted correctly to your tunnel. It requires and little measuring and positioning, and a template is provided to ensure a perfect location of the tunnel bracket. Following the directions and with the correct tools you can easily install a powderkeg system in less than 30 minutes.

POWDERKEG LLC has a great YouTube Channel with much more content.... Here are three more to highlight the products ease of use.


 In Summary, PowderKeg LLC has an amazing product and you'll never have a sled without one once you've expereienced the reliability, convienence and durability of the product.

If you are looking for one solution to solve your fuel and storage problems, look no further, PowderKeg LLC has you covered.

To purchase a unit, contact PowderKeg LLC direct through their website or buy online from one of their Canadian resellers at SledSwag.ca

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