Sledworthy Magazine Launches 6th Season

I just received an email from Andrew Goldsworthy from Sledworthy magazine reminding me to keep an eye out for the newest edition of Sledworthy Magazine on store shelves and mailboxes if you're a subscriber.

Not only is this magazine Atlantic Canad's best contribution to the North American sled mag index, it's guaranteed to be jammed packed with an excellent diversity of articles and one of, if not the best, for quality snowmobile enthusiast content. You will not be dissappointed!

Sledworthy is doing something a little differnt than the rest, they appeal to the snowmobile enthusiasts cultural interests. Wether it be those how to articles on multiday back country trips, homemade beef jerky recipes for the trail, latest news on snowmobie club volunteers or product reviews on practical equipment that an everyday rider would find useful and a  whole lot more. The point is,  you will learn valuable snowmobiling related tips and information by reading this magazine. Also, like every magazine advertising is a key part of the content, but defintely not an overbearing one in Sledwoethy which is a good thing.

I always purchase a copy off the shelf as they are readily available here in Newfoundland corner stores and gas stations. If you can't find one I recommend subscribing.  One thing I have to say about Sledworthy is I can pick up any edition and read many of the articles over and over with enjoyment... especially in the summertime when I return from the sled stable and need that sledaddict fix.

I often see the Sledworthy crew out here on the West coast of Newfoundland, especially up around Western Brook Pond Gorge and Lewis Hills area, enjoying the backcountry. They are a committed bunch and demonstrate a passion for this fantastic recreational sport. Check out their latest gallery updates.

One of the other great things about Sledworthy is the fantastic contests they offer every year, whether its wining a new snowmobile or a back country advernture with Chris Burandt they alwasy offer attractive promtional contests.

Thanks Sledworthy, we look forward to your sixth season of volumes!


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