Snowmobile Windshield Spotlight

In many ways the traditional purpose of windshields providing protection has diminished compared to current Style driven designs.

Today's new sleds are sporting lower profile "wind deflectors" that boost the snowmobiles appeal and beauty.

Practicality has certainly been given a shake up in the aftermarket windshield segment and the selection of low profile snowmobile wind deflectors is diverse.

Today we'd like to focus in on a distinct hot looking wind deflector product from Sno-Stuff called the Peakline. Aggresive aerodynamic ribs makes this low profile wind deflector an absolute gorgeous add-on for your sled. With both Flat and Gloss finishes, this product has quality not found in other windshields we've looked at.

Although the selection is limited to the newer snowmobile models, if you are searching for something different this product is your ticket.  SledAddicts.com picked up one of these in Flat Black from PowerSportsGear.com for one of our 2 Rev makeovers which we'll be showing off in December.

Arctic Cat F-Series
Ski-Doo Rev

Ski-Doo Rev XP 

Polaris IQ/Shift

Yamaha Apex

Yamaha Phazer


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