A SledAddicts Christmas Wishlist

It was 12:15 A.M on December 25th when a SledAddict, Mr.Hidy, closed the curtains to a snowy night. With a greasy grin he laid his head into the soft pillows to rest his weary bones.

Hidy was very content to say the least as the tune of Bing Crosby’s “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” shuffled through his head.

For awhile Mr. Hidy was expecting a green Christmas. He gladly accepted his misguided intuitions as Mother Nature threw her coat over Newfoundland, making this upcoming holiday season a jolly one at that.

Being in such a great mood Hidy couldn't sleep. He tossed about in bed, dwelling on his latest sled mods, he begin envisioning adventures into the Hills. Side hilling, then drift busting and boondocking scenarios raged through his veins. All this anticipating was stirring up his snowmobile addiction and the tossing begin to wake Mrs.Hidy from her slumber.

With a big day ahead, Hidy knew he must rest. Rubbing his hands in thought for a few moments he suddenly reached over and switched on the reading lamp, and from under the mattress pulled out a tattered piece of paper.

It was Hidy's Christmas wish list which he started last Winter. Hidy reasoned that reading through his list a few times would sooth his addiction enough to fall asleep and it was a much better option than heading out to the cold garage to sit on the winter steed and sniff the lingering 2-stroke smoke.

He unfolded the wrinkled piece of paper revealing a list of 10 items. His eyes glazed for a moment at the thought of Santa's near arrival, eventually focusing on the list and reckoning why each item made it there.

  1. A drum of fuel - with the onslaught of a recession in 2009 and resulting unstable fuel prices everywhere a personal supply is a guaranteed fix for anyone’s Sled Addiction.
  2. Castle Snowmobile Gear - Staying dry and warm is essential to a snowmobile adventure and a Castle jacket and bib from PowerSportsGear would positively do the job.
  3. GPS - Not being a groomed trail rider the GPS is  a must for all those backcountry rides and especially for marking those secret virgin riding hot spots that no one else has found.
  4.  Trail bag - Keeping a good first aid kit and extra tools and a tow rope handy with room for a lunch and extra clothing gives you that ease of mind that you can manage through most unexpected situations.
  5. Snobunje - for all your buddies who can't handle the deep white fluff and consistently need your muscle. The Snobunje saves you tons of energy while helping out the duds in your riding group.
  6.  Collapsible shovel and snowshoes - When the pow is waist deep nothing is more essential than this combo for getting around and digging out when circumstances require you to get off your sled.
  7.  Fox Floats - To help handle the bumps a full set of Fox shocks front and rear setup for your weight and riding style by Toms snowmobile will do the trick every time.
  8.  Sled Decal kit - the new Digital Camo kit from Arctic FX Graphics is certainly an eye catcher.
  9.  A Muffpot - Let the exhaust of your sled do the cooking while you do the riding. Who says you can't have 
    a roast beef dinner on the trail in the middle of now where, one of these will help get you invited on many snowmobile excursions.
  10.  Billet Wheel kit - when you love bling and bold new graphics is not enough, a custom billet wheel kit from Tricked-Toys with over sized rear wheels is a definite cure for those over expectations of visual appeal.

With a an expression of absolute happiness and a short snort,  Hidy's eyelids closed tightly while his hand draped over the bed, letting the list float lightly like a long track sled in a powdery field,  to the floor.

SledAddicts.com would like to extend a very Merry and Safe Christmas to everyone.