Winter Arrives Early


For many snowmobilers throughout NorthAmerica's snowbelt, the beginning of December 2007 is reminiscent of the Old fashioned winters we were all used too years ago.  It was almost too good to be true, as many of us pulled our sleds out of hibernation, to go for the first ride of the season so early.


After a couple of phone calls on Friday, the plan was set for an early ride on saturday. Despite the lack of cold temperatures, there was a safe coverage of the white gold for us to ride one of our favorite locations around NewBay Lake east of GrandFalls-Windsor, NL, Canada.


Saturday morning I woke earlier than usual, perhaps due to all the anticipation. If you're like me, I get the "butterflies" feeling everytime I plan to go on a snowmobile ride. There's a sense of thrill with snowmobiling which always amazes me, and it's what defines my SledAddiction.


By 9AM the sleds were unloaded and idling as we strapped on our bags and dusted off the helmet visors. Many of the trails had already been well travelled by hunters, since it was the second last day of the Moose hunting season, who had been on the go since daybreak.

It didn't take too long for us to find a few roads were we could make the first tracks, and take turns practicing our power turns and boondocking in the powder. Every break would quickly lead into exclamations of how great it felt to be sledding again, and the banter of sled talk filled the air. New clutchinig, new decals, suspension upgrades and everything else we had been working on over the summer in preparation for this very moment. Ahhhhhhhhh ..... what a relief!!!

 Over 100kms, Fresh air, White gold, Blue skies and great company all added up to a wonderful day of snowmobiling.

Here at SledAddicts.com, we wish you all an opportunity to get out for the first ride of the season very soon.