Sarah Pointer

When Yamaha introduced 4 strokes to the world they used a series of entertaining "Johnny Skeptical" videos to highlight the selling points of the new 4 Stroke lineup. These videos also featured an attractive model named "Bunny" who inspired alot of interest in the videos. 


I remember the forum dicussions making a particular comotion over this new face at Yamaha, and thus begin a fantastic new chapter in the life of Sarah Pointer, who portrays the Bunny character in the promotional videos. 


Currently, Sarah has a great career as she tours the WPSA National Snocross Race Circuit as the Yamaha Factory Team’s Public Relations spokes model. She also models for the Yamaha Apparel Catalogues and has her own website on MySpace.


Here are a few of the funnier videos from the series of Yamaha Promotionals featuring "Bunny"!


Johnny Skeptical Part 1:


Johnny Skeptical Part 2:
Different Strokes - Part 2
This spotlight is one example of hundreds of employees working for Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski Doo and SnowHawk who contribute to the OEM entertaining advertising campaigns.
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